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Basa de Dunya

History and background

There are no good international auxilliary languages. Regional ones, yes — Interslavic is a laudable attempt — but on the international scale, a language to unify every language in the world is infeasible. And yet, humanity stubbornly persists in its attempts to unbuild the Tower of Babel; the Esperantoj, Volapüks, Idi, and Lingwas de Planeta of the world consistently fail to catch on, despite their creätors’ best attempts.

But also… trying to make an international language is pretty fun, isn’t it? It’s a nice challenge to try and unify all these disparate tongues into something everyone can speak. In 12018 i made my first stab at it, with an Esperantido by the name of Jag de Nasemaʒos, the “Language of Hopers”. Subtle, i know. A sample:

Naj honita axia jago besas ʒonwa jago.
/naɪ̯ honita aʃia jaɡo besas d͡ʒonwa jaɡo/
Most speak-PST.PTCP Asian language be-PRS Chinese language
The most spoken language in Asia is Chinese.

It wasn’t very good, so i promptly got out the red pencil and had another stab at it, resulting in version 2 of Yag de Nasemers, or, as it would be more commonly known, Yedena. Some of the more Esperanto-influenced elements were taken out, giving it a more even appearance:

Me xinrer to mes bi ba mog ti Lun bisey to esenxi de mons bi ti mikklaro disants.
/me ˈʃinrer to mes bi ba moɡ ti lun ˈbisej to eˈsenʃi de mons bi ti mik(ː)ˈlaro ˈdisants/
1s believe that 1p be FUT go to Moon because that essence of human-PL be to look-face difficulty-PL
I think we're going to the moon because it's in the nature of the human being to face challenges.