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Basa de Dunya


Basa de Dunya uses a Latin orthography with 23 letters:


The letters Q, V, and Z are only used in unassimilated foreign words.

There are five digraphs: the diphthongs ai, au, ei, and oi, as well as the consonant sh. When two letters that would normally form a digraph should be pronounced separately, they are separated by an apostrophe , as in no’ila’ismo /no.i.lä.ˈis.mo/ “atheism” — not *noilaismo /noɪ̯.ˈläɪ̯s.mo/, which is complete gibberish.

In imported geographic and cultural words, an acute accent is used to indicate which syllable the stress of a word lands on, if it isn’t on the penultimate: kimréig “Welsh” is pronounced with the stress on the -reig.

Table of letters and digraphs

All English equivalents are approximate; some aren’t exactly correct, but people will understand you nonetheless. They assume a dialect close to General American or the Queen’s English.

Letter(s) Name IPA English equivalent
a a /ä/ Like the u in nut
ai /äɪ̯/ Like the igh in sigh
au /äʊ̯/ Like the ou in mouth
b be /b/ Like the b in bat
c ce /t͡ʃʰ/ Like the ch in chat
d de /d/ Like the d in day
e e /e/ Like the e in dress
ei /eɪ̯/ Like the ay in pay
f ef /f/ Like the f in finish
g ge /ɡ/ Like the g in gum
h ha /h~x/ Like the h in hand,
or like the ch in chutzpah or loch
i i /i/ Like the ee in fleece
j je /d͡ʒ/ Like the j in jump
k ka /kʰ/ Like the k in kitten
l el /l/ Like the l in lamp
m em /m/ Like the m in money
n en /n/ Like the n in nose
ng /ŋ~ŋɡ/ Like the ng in bang,
or like the ng in finger
o o /o/ (US) Like the o in tote,
(UK) like the aw in lawn
oi /oɪ̯/ Like the oi in point
p pe /pʰ/ Like the p in pit
q ku N/A — unassimilated foreign words only
r ar /r~ɻ~ɹ~ʁ/ Like the r in rain
s es /s/ Like the s in second
t te /tʰ/ Like the t in time
u u /u/ Like the oo in goose
v fau N/A — unassimilated foreign words only
w we /ʋ~w/ Like the w in water
x ix /ʃ/ Like the sh in shine
y ye /j/ Like the y in yellow
z set N/A — unassimilated foreign words only

Non-Latin scripts

While Latin is the primary alphabet for Basa de Dunya, its relatively simple phonology also allows it to be written in a variety of other scripts:

Latin Cyr. Greek Dev. Arabic
A А Α اَ
AI АЙ ΑΙ आय​ اَی
A’I АИ ΑΗ आइ اَای
AU АВ ΑΥ आव​ اَو
A’U АУ ΑΟΥ आउ اَاو
B Б ΜΠ ब​ ب
C Ч ΤΣΙ छ​ چ
D Д Δ द​ د
E Е Ε اِ
EI ЕЙ ΕΙ एय​ اِی
E’I ЕИ ΕΗ एइ اِای
F Ф Φ फ़​ ف
G Г Γ ग​ گ
H Х Χ ह​ ه
I И Η ی
J Ж ΤΖΙ ज​ ج
K К Κ ख​ ک
L Л Λ ल​ ل
M М Μ म​ م
N Н Ν न​ ن
O О Ο اُ
OI ОЙ ΟΙ ओय​ اُی
O’I ОИ ΟΗ ओइ اُای
P П Π फ​ پ
R Р Ρ र​ ر
S С Σ स​ س
T Т Τ थ​ ت
U У ΟΥ و
W В Β व​ و
X Ш ΣΙ ش
Y Й Ι य​ ی
An extract from the Lord’s Prayer in Basa de Dunya, in five scripts
latinus letras
Mis Papa en tyenkung, ke tu nam bi holi, ke tu rajapei ja, ke tu wix bi delawa, en dunya leisi en tyenkung. Gei a mis en etsiku mis sikuni roti; i pardon mis por mis danbis leisi mis pardon has ke danbi a mis; i no lid mis a en igra, lakin baca mis de jahatidad.
letras de Kírilos ⁓ летрас де Ки́рилос
Мис Папа ен тйенкунг, ке ту нам би холи, ке ту ражапей жа, ке ту виш би делава, ен дунйа лейси ен тйенкунг. Гей а мис ен етсику мис сикуни роти; и пардон мис пор мис данбис лейси мис пардон хас ке данби а мис; и но лид мис а ен игра, лакин бача мис де жахатидад.
elinikós letras ⁓ εληνηκός λέτρας
Μης Πάπα εν τιένκουνγ, κε του ναμ μπη χόλη, κε του ρατζιάπει τζια, κε του βησι μπη δελάβα, εν δούνια λείση εν τιένκουνγ. Γει α μης εν ετσήκου μης σηκούνη ρότη; η πάρδον μης πορ μης δάνμπης λείση μης πάρδον χας κε δάνμπι α μης; η νο ληδ μης α εν ήγρα, λάκην μπάτσια μης δε τζιαχατήδαδ.
dewanagri ⁓ देवानाग्रि
मिस फाफा एन थ्येन्खुन्ग, खे थु नाम बि होलि, खे थु राजाफेय जा, खे थु विश बि देलावा, एन दुन्या लेय्सि एन थ्येखुन्ग. ङेय आ मिस एन एथ्सिखु मिस सिखुनि रोथि; इ फार्दोन मिस फोर मिस दान्बिस लेय्सि मिस फार्दोन हस खे दान्बि आ मिस; इ नो लिद मिस आ एन इग्रा, लाखिन बाछा मिस दे जाहाथिदाद​.
arabí letras ⁓ اَرَبی لِترَس
میس پَپَ اِن تیِنکونگ، کِ تو نَم بی هُلی، کِ تو رَجَپِی جَ، کِ تو ویش بی دِلَوَ، اِن دونیَ لِیسی اِن تیِنکونگ. گِی اَ میس اِن اِتسیکو میس سیکونی رُتی؛ ی پَردُن میس پُر میس دَنبیس لِیسی میس پَردُن هَس کِ دَنبی اَ میس؛ ی نُ لید میس اَ اِن یگرَ، لَکین بَچَ میس دِ جَهَتیدَد.
Hirigana (poorly)
nihongo letras ⁓ にほんご れとらす
みす ぱぱ えん といぇんくーんぐ、け とぅ なま び ほり、 け とぅ らじゃぺい じゃ、け とぅ うぃし び でらわ、 えん どぅにゃ れいすぃ えん といぇんくーんぐ。 げい あ みす えん えつぃくー みす すぃくーに ろてぃ; い ぱるどーん みす ぽる みす だんびす れいすぃ みす ぱるどーん はす け だんび あ みす; い の りど みす あ いぐら、 らきん ばちゃ みす で じゃはてぃだづ。
habaxa letras ⁓ ሃባሻ ለትራስ
ሚስ ፓፓ አን ትየንኩንግ፣ ከ ቱ ናም ቢ ሆሊ፣ ከ ቱ ራጃፐይ ጃ፣ ከ ቱ ዊሽ ቢ ደላዋ፣ አን ዱንያ ለይሲ አን ትየንኩንግ። ገይ ኣ ሚስ አን አትሲኩ ሚስ ሲኩኒ ሮቲ፤ ኢ ፓርዶን ሚስ ፖር ሚስ ዳንቢስ ለይሲ ሚስ ፓርዶን ሃስ ከ ዳንቢ ኣ ሚስ፤ ኢ ኖ ሊድ ሚስ ኣ አን ኢግራ፣ ላኪን ባቻ ሚስ ደ ጃሃቲዳድ።