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In honour of Gæa

A portrait of Gæa.A river cutting through forested terrain.A verdant canyon between rocky cliffs.A glacier flowing through mountains.
Hear me, O Great Mother of all the land!
A bronze plaque.
Transcription of image

Bréf til framtíðarinnar

Ok er fyrsti nafnkunni jökullin til að missa titil sinn.
Á næstu 200 árum er talið að allir jöklar landsins fari sömu leið.
Þetta minnismerki er til vitnis um að við vitum
hvað er að gerast og hvað þarf að gera.
Aðeins þú veist hvort við gerðum eitthvað.

A letter to the future.

Ok is the first Icelandic glacier to lose its status as a glacier.
In the next 200 years all our glaciers are expected to follow the same path.
This monument is to acknowledge that we know
what is happening and what needs to be done.
Only you know if we did it.

Ágúst 2019
415 ppm CO2
We are of the Earth; to Her we do return

O Mother Earth, of Gods and men the ſource,
endured with fertile, all-deſtroying force;
All-Parent, bounding, Whoſe prolific powers
produce a ſtore of beauteous fruits and flowers.
All-various Queen, the immortal world’s ſtrong base,
eternal, bleſsèd, crowned with every grace;
from Whoſe wide womb as from an endleſs root,
fruits many-formed, mature, and grateful ſhoot.
Broad-boſomed, bleſsed, pleaſed with graſsy plains,
ſweet to the ſmell, and with prolific rains.
All-flowery Dæmon, Centre of the world,
around Thy ſphere the beauteous ſtars are hurled
with rapid whirl, eternal and divine,
Whoſe frames with matchleſs ſkill and wiſdom ſhine.
Come, bleſsèd Goddeſs, liſten to my prayer,
and make increaſe of fruits Thy conſtant care;
with fertile ſeaſons in Thy train draw near,
and with propitious mind Thy ſuppliants hear.