Comments on The Satyrs’ Forest

Norman Rockwell’s famous “Freedom of Speech” painting, showing a man standing up and speaking
“The second Matrix film is better.”

Several pages on this site (including this one!) have a comments section at the bottom. Those on The Garden use Wordpress’s built-in comments, but on the main site, i’ve put together my own janky little system to let you all roast me. (Fun fact: i never want to even see the letters PHP again.)

The rules

Be excellent to each other. That’s pretty much it. I trust you’re all normal enough not to hurl insults and spam at each other.

This isn’t really a rule rule, but i might edit your comment if it’s misspelt or all lowercase, solely because i’m a pedant and it annoys me.


Comments on the main site use a spinoff of the ubiquitous Markdown, which i’ve decided to call Rubric. The basics:

Secret word

The “secret word” works a bit like a trip code does on the more degenerate parts of the internet. Posts with a secret word have a little hash code — say, 2w8373gz — at the top, next to your name. That way, if you put the same secret word for all your comments, you can confirm that it’s really you (or at least the same person who’s been leaving all those other comments).

I’d like to use it to let people upload custom avatars one day, to replace the old email-based system — keep your eyes peeled!