The Otter’s Holt
or, “Marijn describes their fursona to you in prose due to their lack of drawing skills”

About Mx van Otterburn

Xanthe van Otterburn was born twenty-summat years ago to the loving union of one Henk van Herten and an Olivia Otterburn, in the untamed wilderness of rural North­um­ber­land. (Mr van Herten got the short end of the stick when it came to picking their child’s name.) While their ancestry consists mostly of English otters and Dutch harts, they also happens to be about one eighth goat on their father’s side — it doesn’t show to the un­ac­quaint­ed observer, but if you know them, you can tell.

After their antlers prevented them from joining the family plumbing business, they found a fulfilling occupation as a writer of low-rent horror fiction — indeed, Return of the Curse of the Book of the Night of the Weretaur is set to be adapted into a major motion picture this autumn. Keep your eyes peeled!

When theyres not hammering away at their typewriter, they can be found collecting knick-knacks and tchotch­kes at nearby car boot sales, tending to their garden, or gathering with friends at the Faun’s Hoof. (The beer’s not great, but it’s the only pub for miles — what are they gonna do, meet in a dusty car park?)

Physically, their fur is an even brown, with lighter patches on their chest and face. From the waist down, they sports jagged, cervine legs and hooves — with the generously-sized asterisk of their large lutrine tail.

Their otherwise humanoid hands are bound by aqua­dy­namic webbing between four of their fingers, though their thumb is un­con­nect­ed and can move in­de­pen­dent­ly. On their torso, they may be depicted either flat-chested or with a modest pair of breasts. It’s furry; i ain’t gotta explain shit.

Moving up to their head, it’s mostly lutrine in form — whiskers, booper, small ears, the usual — excepting the stonking massive antlers which jut out from the top, forever ruining their ability to wear hats. (Trust me. Theyves tried.) Their wavy, mousey-blond hair falls down to just above their shoulders (think Jeff Bridges), accented with a dashing purple streak on one side of its parting. They sometimes also sports a blonde goatee, depending on how theyres feeling. (You didn’t think that eighth-goat thing would come back, would you?)

Their voice is gruff and an­dro­gyn­ous, with a strong Geordie accent — like a chain-smoking, northern Bea Arthur.

Fashion-wise, you’ll usually find them in some sort of horribly clashing colourful outfit — a tie-dye dress; a leather jacket with a hot pink shirt underneath; a sparkly purple trenchcoat. The only thing you can be certain of is that, feminine or masculine, textile or in the buff (in the brown?), they’ll be wearing their trusty golden caduceus necklace. (Two snakes, not one!)

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