Lords of Misrule☙ MMXXIII ❧

  1. Pedestrian Diversionsfrom a reader in Santiago
  2. It’s an Ayn Rand Christmasfrom one Baki
  3. Space Plumbingfrom one Chris of Vacuum Forest
  4. The Tale of Theoxenia Trismegistusfrom one Ræl H. Bishop

It’s been a long year. That’s the traditional thing to say, but honestly, it’s been quite a short year for me, and autumn has crept up without me even noticing. That can only mean one thing…

Io Saturnalia!

It’s time, once again, for our third annual Satyrs’ Forest Lords of Misrule, where in the spirit of the season, i put you (yes, you) in charge of the site.

If you write or put togeher something — absolutely anything* — and email it to misrule@satyrs.eu, come Saturnalia (December 17 to 23, for those who aren’t up to date on their Roman calendar) i’ll put it up on the site, on the blog and on its own dedicated permanent subpage, etched in stone for all to see.

As in years past, i ask only that you refrain from political polemics and anything that would get this noble forest in legal trouble. Other than that, the sky is the limit. A video essay on the occult implications of Gremlins 2? A rant about that new skyscraper that blots out the view of your favourite billboard? Anything goes. Whatever you — my lords of misrule — want.

You can submit your entries from today until the 16th of December, 2023. Have fun, and don’t be afraid to get weird with it!

— Xanthe

Tomfoolery of years paſt

  1. The Gift of the Influencers from one Baki
  2. Fred Fuckstone II: Huntsville, Alabama from an anonymous reader
  3. Art from one Ariel
  4. Three poems child meets Cernunnos / sinxelo, lost / untitled from a reader in Santiago, one Fidomanin, and one B.
  5. Waves from one Ræl H. Bishop
  1. Words of Advice from one Ræl H. Bishop
  2. A Saturnalia piece from one Noa S.
  3. Fred Fuckstone from an anonymous reader
  4. Walking and picking up trash will benefit you personally from one Quinn Casey
  5. Dancing.png from one Newt S.
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