Lords of Misrule☙ MMXXII ❧

  1. The Gift of the Influencers from one Baki
  2. Fred Fuckstone II: Huntsville, Alabama from an anonymous reader
  3. Art from one Ariel
  4. Three poems child meets Cernunnos / sinxelo, lost / untitled from a reader in Santiago, one Fidomanin, and one B.
  5. Waves from one Ræl H. Bishop

The cycle of a year is a wonderful thing. Trees grow and wilt, rivers ebb and flow, and every winter, Gæa blankets Herself in a snowy coat. All across Europe, people gather together, huddling around, exchanging gifts. Most would call it Christmas.

For us? Well… Io Saturnalia!

It’s time for the second annual Satyrs’ Forest Lords of Misrule! In the spirit of the topsy-turvy season, i’m putting you in charge of the site.

If you write or put together something — absolutely anything — and email it to misrule@satyrs.eu, come Saturnalia (that’s December 17 to 23, for those who aren’t up to date with their ancient festivals) i’ll put it up on the site, both on the blog and on its own dedicated, permanent subpage, etched in stone for all to see.

Like last year, i would ask that you refrain from political polemics or anything that would get this noble forest in legal trouble. Apart from that, anything goes. Your gran’s chocolate cake recipe? An impassioned defence of Freddy Got Fingered as an ironic masterpiece? Hell, i’ll even let you vandalise one of the permanent pages for a bit if you ask me to. Whatever you — my lords of misrule — want.

You can submit your entries from today until the 16th of December, 2022. Have fun, and don’t be afraid to get weird with it!

— Xanthe

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