A calendrical table

Gregorian: Roman-derived Christian solar calendar now used secularly the world over. Days start at midnight. Months start on arbitrary dates, lasting 28–31 days each depending on the month. Years start on , a few days after the northern winter solstice. A leap day, , is added every four years, except for years which are divisible by 100 but not 400. Epoch a few years after the birth of Jesus of Nazareth; in Attic. Numbers here written using Hindu-Arabic numerals.

Attic: Ancient Athenian lunisolar festival calendar now used as a liturgical calendar by contemporary Hellenic Pagans. Days start at sunset. Months start on new moons, lasting 29–30 days each. On the 20th day of the month, dates start counting down from 10 instead of up, with day 10 being repeated. Years start on , the first new moon after the summer solstice. The month of Poseideon is doubled in years with 13 new moons. Epoch at first ancient Olympic games; in Gregorian. Numbers here written using Greek numerals; years here written as [Olympiad].[Year].

Holidays: This column primarily serves as a liturgical calendar of relevant Hellenic and Roman festivals. I’ve also included the solstices and equinoxes (though they aren’t very necessary to a strictly reconstructionist calendar, i still find them important to note), as well as the Wiccan “Wheel of the Year” (for the benefit of any avid syncretists reading), the occasional secular commemoration (such as Bonfire Night), and some Christian holidays (seeing as the continent is 64% Christian, their calendar still holds quite some weight to the daily lives of even the most stridently secular Britons and Dutchfolk). Underlined festivals are reckoned by the Attic calendar and last from sunset to sunset rather than midnight-to-midnight.

All dates given have been calibrated for the north of England. They may be inaccurate for other regions, especially the southern hemisphere.

Day Gregorian Attic Holiday
1 January 2022γ☾ Poseideon ψ.α
2 January 2022β☾ Poseideon ψ.α
3 January 2022α☽ Gamelion ψ.α
4 January 2022β☽ Gamelion ψ.α
5 January 2022γ☽ Gamelion ψ.α
6 January 2022δ☽ Gamelion ψ.α
7 January 2022ε☽ Gamelion ψ.α
8 January 2022ϛ☽ Gamelion ψ.α
9 January 2022ζ☽ Gamelion ψ.α
10 January 2022η☽ Gamelion ψ.α
11 January 2022θ☽ Gamelion ψ.α
12 January 2022ι☽ Gamelion ψ.α
13 January 2022ια☽ Gamelion ψ.α
14 January 2022ιβ☽ Gamelion ψ.αLenaia begins
15 January 2022ιγ☽ Gamelion ψ.α
16 January 2022ιδ☽ Gamelion ψ.α
17 January 2022ιε☽ Gamelion ψ.αLenaia ends
18 January 2022ιϛ☽ Gamelion ψ.α
19 January 2022ιζ☽ Gamelion ψ.α
20 January 2022ιη☽ Gamelion ψ.α
21 January 2022ιθ☽ Gamelion ψ.α
22 January 2022προ. ι☾ Gamelion ψ.α
23 January 2022υστ. ι☾ Gamelion ψ.α
24 January 2022θ☾ Gamelion ψ.α
25 January 2022η☾ Gamelion ψ.α
26 January 2022ζ☾ Gamelion ψ.α
27 January 2022ϛ☾ Gamelion ψ.α
28 January 2022ε☾ Gamelion ψ.α
29 January 2022δ☾ Gamelion ψ.α
30 January 2022γ☾ Gamelion ψ.α
31 January 2022β☾ Gamelion ψ.α
1 February 2022α☽ Anthesterion ψ.αImbolc
2 February 2022β☽ Anthesterion ψ.α
3 February 2022γ☽ Anthesterion ψ.α
4 February 2022δ☽ Anthesterion ψ.α
5 February 2022ε☽ Anthesterion ψ.α
6 February 2022ϛ☽ Anthesterion ψ.α
7 February 2022ζ☽ Anthesterion ψ.α
8 February 2022η☽ Anthesterion ψ.α
9 February 2022θ☽ Anthesterion ψ.α
10 February 2022ι☽ Anthesterion ψ.α
11 February 2022ια☽ Anthesterion ψ.αAnthesteria begins
12 February 2022ιβ☽ Anthesterion ψ.α
13 February 2022ιγ☽ Anthesterion ψ.αAnthesteria ends
14 February 2022ιδ☽ Anthesterion ψ.α
15 February 2022ιε☽ Anthesterion ψ.α
16 February 2022ιϛ☽ Anthesterion ψ.α
17 February 2022ιζ☽ Anthesterion ψ.α
18 February 2022ιη☽ Anthesterion ψ.α
19 February 2022ιθ☽ Anthesterion ψ.α
20 February 2022προ. ι☾ Anthesterion ψ.α
21 February 2022υστ. ι☾ Anthesterion ψ.α
22 February 2022θ☾ Anthesterion ψ.α
23 February 2022η☾ Anthesterion ψ.α
24 February 2022ζ☾ Anthesterion ψ.α
25 February 2022ϛ☾ Anthesterion ψ.α
26 February 2022ε☾ Anthesterion ψ.α
27 February 2022δ☾ Anthesterion ψ.α
28 February 2022γ☾ Anthesterion ψ.α
1 March 2022β☾ Anthesterion ψ.α
2 March 2022α☾ Anthesterion ψ.α
3 March 2022α☽ Elaphebolion ψ.α
4 March 2022β☽ Elaphebolion ψ.α
5 March 2022γ☽ Elaphebolion ψ.α
6 March 2022δ☽ Elaphebolion ψ.α
7 March 2022ε☽ Elaphebolion ψ.αLiberalia
8 March 2022ϛ☽ Elaphebolion ψ.α
9 March 2022ζ☽ Elaphebolion ψ.α
10 March 2022η☽ Elaphebolion ψ.α
11 March 2022θ☽ Elaphebolion ψ.α
12 March 2022ι☽ Elaphebolion ψ.αCity Dionysia begins
13 March 2022ια☽ Elaphebolion ψ.α
14 March 2022ιβ☽ Elaphebolion ψ.α
15 March 2022ιγ☽ Elaphebolion ψ.α
16 March 2022ιδ☽ Elaphebolion ψ.α
17 March 2022ιε☽ Elaphebolion ψ.α
18 March 2022ιϛ☽ Elaphebolion ψ.αCity Dionysia ends
19 March 2022ιζ☽ Elaphebolion ψ.α
20 March 2022ιη☽ Elaphebolion ψ.αSpring equinox (15.53 GMT), Ostara
21 March 2022ιθ☽ Elaphebolion ψ.α
22 March 2022προ. ι☾ Elaphebolion ψ.α
23 March 2022υστ. ι☾ Elaphebolion ψ.α
24 March 2022θ☾ Elaphebolion ψ.α
25 March 2022η☾ Elaphebolion ψ.α
26 March 2022ζ☾ Elaphebolion ψ.α
27 March 2022ϛ☾ Elaphebolion ψ.α
28 March 2022ε☾ Elaphebolion ψ.α
29 March 2022δ☾ Elaphebolion ψ.α
30 March 2022γ☾ Elaphebolion ψ.α
31 March 2022β☾ Elaphebolion ψ.α
1 April 2022α☾ Elaphebolion ψ.αApril Fool’s Day
2 April 2022α☽ Mounychion ψ.α
3 April 2022β☽ Mounychion ψ.α
4 April 2022γ☽ Mounychion ψ.α
5 April 2022δ☽ Mounychion ψ.α
6 April 2022ε☽ Mounychion ψ.α
7 April 2022ϛ☽ Mounychion ψ.α
8 April 2022ζ☽ Mounychion ψ.α
9 April 2022η☽ Mounychion ψ.α
10 April 2022θ☽ Mounychion ψ.α
11 April 2022ι☽ Mounychion ψ.α
12 April 2022ια☽ Mounychion ψ.α
13 April 2022ιβ☽ Mounychion ψ.α
14 April 2022ιγ☽ Mounychion ψ.α
15 April 2022ιδ☽ Mounychion ψ.α
16 April 2022ιε☽ Mounychion ψ.α
17 April 2022ιϛ☽ Mounychion ψ.α Easter Sunday
18 April 2022ιζ☽ Mounychion ψ.α Easter Monday
19 April 2022ιη☽ Mounychion ψ.α
20 April 2022ιθ☽ Mounychion ψ.α
21 April 2022προ. ι☾ Mounychion ψ.α
22 April 2022υστ. ι☾ Mounychion ψ.αEarth Day
23 April 2022θ☾ Mounychion ψ.α St George’s Day
24 April 2022η☾ Mounychion ψ.α
25 April 2022ζ☾ Mounychion ψ.α
26 April 2022ϛ☾ Mounychion ψ.α
27 April 2022ε☾ Mounychion ψ.αKing’s Day
28 April 2022δ☾ Mounychion ψ.α
29 April 2022γ☾ Mounychion ψ.α
30 April 2022β☾ Mounychion ψ.α
1 May 2022α☽ Thargelion ψ.αMaiumaα, Beltane
2 May 2022β☽ Thargelion ψ.α
3 May 2022γ☽ Thargelion ψ.α
4 May 2022δ☽ Thargelion ψ.αDutch Remembrance Day
5 May 2022ε☽ Thargelion ψ.αLiberation Day
6 May 2022ϛ☽ Thargelion ψ.αThargelia begins
7 May 2022ζ☽ Thargelion ψ.αThargelia ends
8 May 2022η☽ Thargelion ψ.α
9 May 2022θ☽ Thargelion ψ.α
10 May 2022ι☽ Thargelion ψ.α
11 May 2022ια☽ Thargelion ψ.α
12 May 2022ιβ☽ Thargelion ψ.α
13 May 2022ιγ☽ Thargelion ψ.α
14 May 2022ιδ☽ Thargelion ψ.α
15 May 2022ιε☽ Thargelion ψ.αMercuralia
16 May 2022ιϛ☽ Thargelion ψ.α
17 May 2022ιζ☽ Thargelion ψ.α
18 May 2022ιη☽ Thargelion ψ.α
19 May 2022ιθ☽ Thargelion ψ.α
20 May 2022προ. ι☾ Thargelion ψ.α
21 May 2022υστ. ι☾ Thargelion ψ.α
22 May 2022θ☾ Thargelion ψ.α
23 May 2022η☾ Thargelion ψ.α
24 May 2022ζ☾ Thargelion ψ.α
25 May 2022ϛ☾ Thargelion ψ.α
26 May 2022ε☾ Thargelion ψ.α
27 May 2022δ☾ Thargelion ψ.α
28 May 2022γ☾ Thargelion ψ.α
29 May 2022β☾ Thargelion ψ.α
30 May 2022α☾ Thargelion ψ.α
31 May 2022α☽ Scirophorion ψ.α
1 June 2022β☽ Scirophorion ψ.α
2 June 2022γ☽ Scirophorion ψ.α
3 June 2022δ☽ Scirophorion ψ.α
4 June 2022ε☽ Scirophorion ψ.α
5 June 2022ϛ☽ Scirophorion ψ.α
6 June 2022ζ☽ Scirophorion ψ.α
7 June 2022η☽ Scirophorion ψ.α
8 June 2022θ☽ Scirophorion ψ.α
9 June 2022ι☽ Scirophorion ψ.α
10 June 2022ια☽ Scirophorion ψ.α
11 June 2022ιβ☽ Scirophorion ψ.α
12 June 2022ιγ☽ Scirophorion ψ.α
13 June 2022ιδ☽ Scirophorion ψ.α
14 June 2022ιε☽ Scirophorion ψ.α
15 June 2022ιϛ☽ Scirophorion ψ.α
16 June 2022ιζ☽ Scirophorion ψ.α
17 June 2022ιη☽ Scirophorion ψ.α
18 June 2022ιθ☽ Scirophorion ψ.α
19 June 2022προ. ι☾ Scirophorion ψ.α
20 June 2022υστ. ι☾ Scirophorion ψ.α
21 June 2022θ☾ Scirophorion ψ.αSummer solstice (10.14 BST), Litha
22 June 2022η☾ Scirophorion ψ.α
23 June 2022ζ☾ Scirophorion ψ.α
24 June 2022ϛ☾ Scirophorion ψ.α
25 June 2022ε☾ Scirophorion ψ.α
26 June 2022δ☾ Scirophorion ψ.α
27 June 2022γ☾ Scirophorion ψ.α
28 June 2022β☾ Scirophorion ψ.α
29 June 2022α☽ Hecatombæon ψ.β
30 June 2022β☽ Hecatombæon ψ.β
1 July 2022γ☽ Hecatombæon ψ.β
2 July 2022δ☽ Hecatombæon ψ.β
3 July 2022ε☽ Hecatombæon ψ.β
4 July 2022ϛ☽ Hecatombæon ψ.β
5 July 2022ζ☽ Hecatombæon ψ.β
6 July 2022η☽ Hecatombæon ψ.β
7 July 2022θ☽ Hecatombæon ψ.β
8 July 2022ι☽ Hecatombæon ψ.β
9 July 2022ια☽ Hecatombæon ψ.β
10 July 2022ιβ☽ Hecatombæon ψ.β
11 July 2022ιγ☽ Hecatombæon ψ.β
12 July 2022ιδ☽ Hecatombæon ψ.β
13 July 2022ιε☽ Hecatombæon ψ.β
14 July 2022ιϛ☽ Hecatombæon ψ.β
15 July 2022ιζ☽ Hecatombæon ψ.β
16 July 2022ιη☽ Hecatombæon ψ.β
17 July 2022ιθ☽ Hecatombæon ψ.β
18 July 2022προ. ι☾ Hecatombæon ψ.β
19 July 2022υστ. ι☾ Hecatombæon ψ.β
20 July 2022θ☾ Hecatombæon ψ.β
21 July 2022η☾ Hecatombæon ψ.β
22 July 2022ζ☾ Hecatombæon ψ.β
23 July 2022ϛ☾ Hecatombæon ψ.β
24 July 2022ε☾ Hecatombæon ψ.β
25 July 2022δ☾ Hecatombæon ψ.β
26 July 2022γ☾ Hecatombæon ψ.β
27 July 2022β☾ Hecatombæon ψ.β
28 July 2022α☾ Hecatombæon ψ.β
29 July 2022α☽ Metageitnion ψ.β
30 July 2022β☽ Metageitnion ψ.β
31 July 2022γ☽ Metageitnion ψ.β
1 August 2022δ☽ Metageitnion ψ.βLughnasadh
2 August 2022ε☽ Metageitnion ψ.β
3 August 2022ϛ☽ Metageitnion ψ.β
4 August 2022ζ☽ Metageitnion ψ.β
5 August 2022η☽ Metageitnion ψ.β
6 August 2022θ☽ Metageitnion ψ.β
7 August 2022ι☽ Metageitnion ψ.β
8 August 2022ια☽ Metageitnion ψ.β
9 August 2022ιβ☽ Metageitnion ψ.β
10 August 2022ιγ☽ Metageitnion ψ.β
11 August 2022ιδ☽ Metageitnion ψ.β
12 August 2022ιε☽ Metageitnion ψ.β
13 August 2022ιϛ☽ Metageitnion ψ.β
14 August 2022ιζ☽ Metageitnion ψ.β
15 August 2022ιη☽ Metageitnion ψ.β
16 August 2022ιθ☽ Metageitnion ψ.β
17 August 2022προ. ι☾ Metageitnion ψ.β
18 August 2022υστ. ι☾ Metageitnion ψ.β
19 August 2022θ☾ Metageitnion ψ.β
20 August 2022η☾ Metageitnion ψ.β
21 August 2022ζ☾ Metageitnion ψ.β
22 August 2022ϛ☾ Metageitnion ψ.β
23 August 2022ε☾ Metageitnion ψ.β
24 August 2022δ☾ Metageitnion ψ.β
25 August 2022γ☾ Metageitnion ψ.β
26 August 2022β☾ Metageitnion ψ.β
27 August 2022α☾ Metageitnion ψ.β
28 August 2022α☽ Boedromion ψ.β
29 August 2022β☽ Boedromion ψ.β
30 August 2022γ☽ Boedromion ψ.β
31 August 2022δ☽ Boedromion ψ.β
1 September 2022ε☽ Boedromion ψ.βGenesia
2 September 2022ϛ☽ Boedromion ψ.β
3 September 2022ζ☽ Boedromion ψ.βBoedromia
4 September 2022η☽ Boedromion ψ.β
5 September 2022θ☽ Boedromion ψ.β
6 September 2022ι☽ Boedromion ψ.β
7 September 2022ια☽ Boedromion ψ.β
8 September 2022ιβ☽ Boedromion ψ.β
9 September 2022ιγ☽ Boedromion ψ.β
10 September 2022ιδ☽ Boedromion ψ.β
11 September 2022ιε☽ Boedromion ψ.β
12 September 2022ιϛ☽ Boedromion ψ.β
13 September 2022ιζ☽ Boedromion ψ.β
14 September 2022ιη☽ Boedromion ψ.β
15 September 2022ιθ☽ Boedromion ψ.β
16 September 2022προ. ι☾ Boedromion ψ.β
17 September 2022υστ. ι☾ Boedromion ψ.β
18 September 2022θ☾ Boedromion ψ.β
19 September 2022η☾ Boedromion ψ.β
20 September 2022ζ☾ Boedromion ψ.β
21 September 2022ϛ☾ Boedromion ψ.β
22 September 2022ε☾ Boedromion ψ.β
23 September 2022δ☾ Boedromion ψ.βAutumn equinox (02.04 BST), Mabon
24 September 2022γ☾ Boedromion ψ.β
25 September 2022β☾ Boedromion ψ.β
26 September 2022α☽ Pyanepsion ψ.β
27 September 2022β☽ Pyanepsion ψ.β
28 September 2022γ☽ Pyanepsion ψ.β
29 September 2022δ☽ Pyanepsion ψ.β
30 September 2022ε☽ Pyanepsion ψ.β
1 October 2022ϛ☽ Pyanepsion ψ.β
2 October 2022ζ☽ Pyanepsion ψ.βPyanepsia, Oschophoria
3 October 2022η☽ Pyanepsion ψ.β
4 October 2022θ☽ Pyanepsion ψ.β
5 October 2022ι☽ Pyanepsion ψ.β
6 October 2022ια☽ Pyanepsion ψ.β
7 October 2022ιβ☽ Pyanepsion ψ.β
8 October 2022ιγ☽ Pyanepsion ψ.β
9 October 2022ιδ☽ Pyanepsion ψ.β
10 October 2022ιε☽ Pyanepsion ψ.β
11 October 2022ιϛ☽ Pyanepsion ψ.β
12 October 2022ιζ☽ Pyanepsion ψ.β
13 October 2022ιη☽ Pyanepsion ψ.β
14 October 2022ιθ☽ Pyanepsion ψ.β
15 October 2022προ. ι☾ Pyanepsion ψ.β
16 October 2022υστ. ι☾ Pyanepsion ψ.β
17 October 2022θ☾ Pyanepsion ψ.β
18 October 2022η☾ Pyanepsion ψ.β
19 October 2022ζ☾ Pyanepsion ψ.β
20 October 2022ϛ☾ Pyanepsion ψ.β
21 October 2022ε☾ Pyanepsion ψ.β
22 October 2022δ☾ Pyanepsion ψ.β
23 October 2022γ☾ Pyanepsion ψ.β
24 October 2022β☾ Pyanepsion ψ.β
25 October 2022α☾ Pyanepsion ψ.β
26 October 2022α☽ Mæmacterion ψ.β
27 October 2022β☽ Mæmacterion ψ.β
28 October 2022γ☽ Mæmacterion ψ.β
29 October 2022δ☽ Mæmacterion ψ.β
30 October 2022ε☽ Mæmacterion ψ.β
31 October 2022ϛ☽ Mæmacterion ψ.β Hallowe’en
1 November 2022ζ☽ Mæmacterion ψ.βSamhain
2 November 2022η☽ Mæmacterion ψ.β
3 November 2022θ☽ Mæmacterion ψ.β
4 November 2022ι☽ Mæmacterion ψ.β
5 November 2022ια☽ Mæmacterion ψ.βBonfire Night, “Salmacaliaβ
6 November 2022ιβ☽ Mæmacterion ψ.β
7 November 2022ιγ☽ Mæmacterion ψ.β
8 November 2022ιδ☽ Mæmacterion ψ.β
9 November 2022ιε☽ Mæmacterion ψ.β
10 November 2022ιϛ☽ Mæmacterion ψ.β
11 November 2022ιζ☽ Mæmacterion ψ.β St Martin’s Day
12 November 2022ιη☽ Mæmacterion ψ.β
13 November 2022ιθ☽ Mæmacterion ψ.βRemembrance Sunday (UK)
14 November 2022προ. ι☾ Mæmacterion ψ.β
15 November 2022υστ. ι☾ Mæmacterion ψ.β
16 November 2022θ☾ Mæmacterion ψ.β
17 November 2022η☾ Mæmacterion ψ.β
18 November 2022ζ☾ Mæmacterion ψ.β
19 November 2022ϛ☾ Mæmacterion ψ.β
20 November 2022ε☾ Mæmacterion ψ.β
21 November 2022δ☾ Mæmacterion ψ.β
22 November 2022γ☾ Mæmacterion ψ.β
23 November 2022β☾ Mæmacterion ψ.β
24 November 2022α☽ Poseideon ψ.βBrumalia begins
25 November 2022β☽ Poseideon ψ.β
26 November 2022γ☽ Poseideon ψ.β
27 November 2022δ☽ Poseideon ψ.β
28 November 2022ε☽ Poseideon ψ.β
29 November 2022ϛ☽ Poseideon ψ.β
30 November 2022ζ☽ Poseideon ψ.β
1 December 2022η☽ Poseideon ψ.β
2 December 2022θ☽ Poseideon ψ.β
3 December 2022ι☽ Poseideon ψ.βCountry Dionysiaγ
4 December 2022ια☽ Poseideon ψ.β
5 December 2022ιβ☽ Poseideon ψ.β St Nicholas’ Day
6 December 2022ιγ☽ Poseideon ψ.β
7 December 2022ιδ☽ Poseideon ψ.β
8 December 2022ιε☽ Poseideon ψ.β
9 December 2022ιϛ☽ Poseideon ψ.β
10 December 2022ιζ☽ Poseideon ψ.β
11 December 2022ιη☽ Poseideon ψ.β
12 December 2022ιθ☽ Poseideon ψ.β
13 December 2022προ. ι☾ Poseideon ψ.β
14 December 2022υστ. ι☾ Poseideon ψ.β
15 December 2022θ☾ Poseideon ψ.β
16 December 2022η☾ Poseideon ψ.β
17 December 2022ζ☾ Poseideon ψ.βSaturnalia begins, Brumalia ends
18 December 2022ϛ☾ Poseideon ψ.β
19 December 2022ε☾ Poseideon ψ.βHaloa
20 December 2022δ☾ Poseideon ψ.β
21 December 2022γ☾ Poseideon ψ.βWinter solstice (15.59 GMT), Yule
22 December 2022β☾ Poseideon ψ.β
23 December 2022α☾ Poseideon ψ.βSaturnalia ends
24 December 2022α☽ Poseideon II ψ.β Christmas Eve
25 December 2022β☽ Poseideon II ψ.β Christmas
26 December 2022γ☽ Poseideon II ψ.β Boxing Day
27 December 2022δ☽ Poseideon II ψ.β
28 December 2022ε☽ Poseideon II ψ.β
29 December 2022ϛ☽ Poseideon II ψ.β
30 December 2022ζ☽ Poseideon II ψ.β
31 December 2022η☽ Poseideon II ψ.β