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When was this website established?

Readers of this site may have noticed that at the bottom of the front page lies an inscription proudly blaring the alleged date this digital demesne was first set up:

Established on the 14th day of August, 2017 CE
and the 6th day waning of Metageitnion, 蠂蠠胃.伪 AKO

Given that i鈥檓 writing a post called 鈥淲hen was this website established?鈥, you鈥檝e probably worked out that that鈥檚 not completely right. It鈥檚 a date that could qualify for the founding of this site, but it鈥檚 by no means the only one.

The 14th of August, 2017, was the day that i created the account 鈥渂atavia鈥 (later changed to 鈥渕arijnflorence鈥 to avoid some unfortunate international associations) on the free web host Neocities, the original鈥夆 sort of, we鈥檒l get there鈥夆斺塰ost of this website. I picked this date for display because it was a nice, clear starting point, emblazoned on the sidebar of my Neocities profile. But for the first few years of that account鈥檚 existence, nothing much happened.

The start of as it currently exists can be traced to the 22nd of March, 2018, when i created a repository on code-sharing site Github with the intent to much around and maybe make a proper personal site. This was transferred to Neocities at some point鈥夆斺塱 assume about two days later, although i can鈥檛 be sure, since Neocities鈥 dating on old posts is hopelessly vague.

There are two more dates in the running to be the true date of establishment. You see, 鈥渂atavia鈥 was not my first Neocities site. Far from it, my first attempt at a website was 鈥渪oticmatter鈥, created on the 26th of April, 2017, four months before the August date! I never got around to making much content for it, and at some point i lost the password, leading me to create a new account.

The final date in contention is specifically about the founding of The site used to be hosted on a subdomain of, but on the 8th of January, 2021, i finally coughed up the dosh for a domain name.

Which one of these dates is the 鈥渞eal鈥 date of establishment? One could make a compelling case for any of them, but i鈥檒l be sticking with the current 14th of August, as a nice compromise between the earlier 鈥渪oticmatter鈥 position and the later Github and domain name positions.

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