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Mx Tynehorne’s link roundup, volume XV

A parked lorry, late at night, bearing the name "Discordia" on its side.
Seen on the way back home from Manchester — why on earth would you call your logistics company “Discordia”? It’s like calling an airline “Icarus”. Just asking for trouble.


  1. Slimy says…

    Someone once pointed out to me the strangeness of naming a chat client discord.

    I love Golden Brown. Instantly captivating song.

  2. Xanthe says…

    On the contrary, i would argue that Discord is in fact the perfect name for a yoof-focused chat app. It brings to mind “discussion” and “discourse”, while still maintaining a wry, anarchic sense of humour about the whole affair (“well, we know you’re just going to use it to get into fights”).

    God, i sound like Patrick Bateman.

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