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The greatest impulse purchase in history

Step 1: Go on Wikipedia, as one does.

Step 2: Notice the following item in the 鈥渄id you know鈥 section.

Did you know鈥 that Fabrizio Dori wants his comic book 芦Il dio vagabondo禄 to bring attention to an ancient Greek view of death?

Step 3: (See Figure 1.)

A biology textbook diagram labelled "Monkey *sees* action"/"Neuron activation"
Figure 1

Step 4: Activate dedicated hyperlink-clicking neuron that has evolved after years of online brain poisoning.

Step 5: Oh my god the main character is a satyr who lives in a tent in the suburbs.

Step 6: Oh my god it鈥檚 beautifully illustrated. (See Figure 2.)

A comic illustrated in a colourful style reminiscent of Ancient Greek pottery
Figure 2

Step 7: Begin seriously weighing up the possibility of The Greatest Impulse Purchase In History.

Step 8: Ctrl-F 鈥淓nglish鈥. No results.

Step 9: Wallow in non-Italian-speaking misery.

Step 10: Ctrl-F 鈥淒utch鈥 as a last-ditch effort. You have been meaning to brush up on it鈥

Step 11: Oh my god they did a Dutch translation before an English one.

Step 12: Google 鈥渁mazon鈥 even though you know the URL.

Step 13: Click onto Amazon and look up the Dutch name of the comic.

Step 14: Find out there is one (1) copy left in stock.

Step 15: Look at the price.

Step 16:

Step 17: Pretend you didn鈥檛.

Step 18: Buy anyway.

Step 19: Notice that they鈥檝e finally gotten rid of that 2003-ass UI in the purchase phase.

Step 20: You have now completed The Greatest Impulse Purchase In History. It will be there in a week.

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