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Chvrches at City Hall

I swear this is fair dealing.

I went to see everyone鈥檚 favourite synth-pop act Chvrches a few nights back, and i must say they put on a hell of a show. Even at the City Hall 鈥 quite a stuffy venue by most standards 鈥 the crowd went absolutely mental for 鈥淐learest Blue鈥 at the end! (I barely know what came over me.)

Great staging, too 鈥 i counted three costume changes throughout the night, including a delectably bloody 鈥淔INAL GIRL鈥 shirt for the encore. (Their latest album has a horror-movie gimmick crafted entirely to let them swap remixes1 with John Carpenter 鈥 not that i鈥檓 complaining.)

Now imagine the same distorted whingeing and generic melody for half an hour straight.

The opening act were an Ozzie band called HighSchool who, being brutally honest, should go back to PrimarySchool. They鈥檙e one of those acts that basically only know how to write one song over and over, and it鈥檚 alright at first, but by take number five of the same sludge you鈥檙e praying for it to end, you know? (See also the inexplicably successful 1975 cover band Pale Waves.)

9/10, would stand in line for several hours again.

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