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May 2021 recap

So this is June
and what have you done?
Another month over
a new one just begun

Films watched

  • Guy Ritchie鈥檚 Snatch (2000) (A-)
  • Barry Sonnenfeld鈥檚 Men in Black (1999): Ruthlessly efficient. Gets in and out in 90 minutes. (A-)
  • Dreamworks鈥 Shrek (2001): Watched as it was meant to be seen, in the original Polish (C+)
  • Peter Weir鈥檚 The Truman Show (1998): While sailing across the internet, i happened across a copy of the original draft of the script. It is so much darker, and so much weirder.
    • It鈥檚 set in a constructed version of New York City instead of a small town in Florida
    • He finds his own name in a dictionary
    • Truman threatens to kill a baby and it is played completely straight
    • Instead of ending when he disappears out the door it continues and he hijacks a tram and has a shoot-out on the roof of the studio????
    • He hires a prostitute to recreate his encounter with the girl who told him it was all a TV show
  • Anyway, the cut that got released is a very good film to show to your friends who haven鈥檛 seen it before and watch their reactions. It鈥檚 also鈥夆斺塮or me personally鈥夆斺塷ne of those Back to the Future-type films, where it鈥檚 all so immaculately put together that you can watch it over and over and there鈥檚 always something new to enjoy (A+)

Top 10 most viewed pages on the site this May

  1. Index page: 219 views
  2. Linkroll: 82 views
  3. The Garden (front page): 59 views
  4. Toaster shade generator: 46 views
  5. About the author: 35 views
  6. The log of changes: 26 views
  7. Music i like: 21 views
  8. Things i would like to add to my site: 20 views
  9. What i believe: 16 views
  10. Toaster: 15 views

The rest of the 鈥減rimary鈥 pages on my site (that is, those which aren鈥檛 part of any kind of regular series) are, in decreasing order of views, The fore趴t of 趴hrines, My coat of arms, Discord funny moments, the Marijn van Hoorn style guide, my bucket list, 鈥楾here Are Two Continents鈥, the Gender Tetrahedron, interesting Wikipedia articles, yelling into the void, Heximal, the NEOcharts (RIP), Quotes and other assorted aphorisms, a calendrical table, My vinyl record collection, s 鈫 趴, the log of dreams, my conlangs, noughts and crosses, 鈥榯his鈥檒l be on my videotape鈥, Kunstgalerie van Hoorn, A nicer 瓶a葷 of 瓶riting Engli趴h, the Compendium of Good Words, country counting, and songs i have cried my silly little heart out to. Zero views were received by copypastables and holocene history, which鈥 you know, fair enough, they鈥檙e both indescribably boring pages.

Top 5 most read entries on The Garden

  1. Welcome to the new Garden
  2. 7AM puzzles
  3. Site statistics for April 2021
  4. Testing, testing鈥 If this goes through, this should be my first successful blog post made from my phone.
  5. Links for the 22nd of May

Top 10 countries where most people are reading from

  1. The United States
  2. The United Kingdom
  3. Canada
  4. France
  5. India
  6. New Zealand
  7. Sweden
  8. Germany
  9. Hong Kong
  10. Brazil

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