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Eulogy for a food court

I was on my usual city constitutional the other week when i noticed that my favourite bubble tea place1 had shuttered. Hm, that鈥檚 odd, i thought. Last time that happened was lockdown. Don鈥檛 know why they鈥檇 do it again. I assumed they鈥檇 be back again swiftly, and went on with my day.

Then the week after i noticed that the entrance to the 眉ber-hip shipping-container food court of which it was a part was blocked off. Hm, that鈥檚 odd, i thought. Ah, well. It鈥檚 probably just construction. These things happen all the time.

It was only yesterday that i saw the crane lifting one of the shipping containers away and realised something (other than the container) was up. Sure enough, one quick google reveals the flashy new development that鈥檒l be taking its place 鈥 originally it was going to be mixed-use, but covid crunch caused them to scale back to the thing that covid really, conclusively proved was absolutely 100% necessary and in demand, definitely: offices.

鈥淧ilgrim鈥檚 Quarter鈥 is part of a broader redevelopment of the neglected Pilgrim Street, which may or may not include a pedestrianisation 鈥 i don鈥檛 know; it鈥檚 all in jargonese and i can鈥檛 make heads or tails of what Enhancing The Public Realm is meant to mean. (Or, for that matter, why they鈥檝e misspelt it as 鈥淧ilgrim鈥檚 Quater鈥 on the official brochure.)

The permission slips are all in place 鈥 so here鈥檚 to you, Stack. You might have had some exorbitant prices (sorry, Korean place, but i鈥檓 not paying 拢12 for a few chicken wings and fries), but otherwyze you were a shining beacon of small businesses in the city centre 鈥 you were too good for this world. *Pops open a bottle of champagne*

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