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Two wolves

An image macro of Scotty from Star Trek. Top text: Inside you there are two wolves. Bottom text: Sorry about the transporter malfunction.
Have to say, the 鈥淢ake a Meme!鈥 watermark really puts the cherry on top.

There are two wolves inside of me. One is a fantasy author who will gladly write thirty-word run on sentences until they鈥檙e purple in the face; the other is a copy-editor for the Economist who wants to hack at every sentence until it鈥檚 shorter than their last relationship.

I suspect the fantasy author is winning 鈥 much as the copy-editor is the one who writes my style guide, they鈥檇 probably be mortified by the liberty with which their counterpart peppers texts with em-dashes and semicolons.1 And anyway 鈥 i鈥檓 a blogger, not a journalist! I have no requirement to make my writing erudite to the average businessman. (Well, maybe if this site suddenly pivots audiences鈥)

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  1. R忙l H. Bishop says鈥

    Gotta say, this is exactly how my writing process works too. Except the fantasy author is a scientific research article writer trapped in the ivory tower who is unable to speak without giving himself a headache.

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