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And this is where i’d switch to a Marshallese web host, If I Had One

Rage comic with a kid riding away on a trike overlaid with the words "Goodbye Mom!" and the Marshallese flag

Today i learned that the Marshall Islands have almost no copyright laws. Since the U.S. handles most of their foreign affairs for them, they’ve slipped through the cracks of international treaties: per Wikimedia Commons, the only restriction is that you can’t directly copy/rip/transfer/sell/publicly perform another citizen’s work and try to make money off of it. (Which i think is quite sensible — even as someone who opposes the whole idea of copyright as a nasty intrusion of people’s freedom of speech — so long as we live in a capitalist society.)

Good on you, Ṃajeḷ. Now if only they had decent internet…

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