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A walk down Bedlington Country Park

Hello again. It鈥檚 been a while, hasn鈥檛 it? I went on a nice riverside walk and thought i鈥檇 send you some photos. (Look, i was getting desperate and it was either this or a post about why seven is my favourite number.)

Our scene today is the southern end of Bedlington, a reasonably sized and 鈥 if i鈥檓 to be honest 鈥 terribly mediocre town right in the middle of that conurbation in the southeast of Northumberland. Thankfully, we鈥檙e not going to concern ourselves with the town centre (a place whose selling points are a Greggs and a void that used to be a Tesco) 鈥 no, we鈥檙e going down a steep and heavy slope until we wind up on the steep banks of the river Blyth, where the local parish have kindly set up a path. Won鈥檛 you join me?

Seeing this, i was simply overcome by the androgynous urge to stomp and plod around in a stream. (It鈥檚 what Hermaphroditos would have wanted.) Alas, my shoes were terribly unfit for such activity, and i had to call it off for another day. A national tragedy!

Four or so ducks swim peacefully down a rocky stream, flanked on their left by a small islet overshadowed by leaves.

About halfway down the river, there鈥檚 this small leafy island that some ducks appear to have claimed as their home. I would have admired it further, but i was being shadowed by by a couple with some particularly yappy and aggressive dogs and really just wanted to get the whole predicament over with.

A view from the middle of a river 鈥 water pours down a dam on the right, while in the dead centre, a pillar is visible in the distance.

I鈥檓 not 100% sure what鈥檚 going on with the pillar in the middle 鈥 it鈥檚 about where the path on the opposite side comes to a sudden stop; perhaps it used to be the support for some kind of railway bridge.

I did, i admit, have to trespass on a dam for this view 鈥 the ducks, i hope, would never be grasses. It鈥檚 just not in their DNA.

A fencepost crudely vandalised with some sort of four-way grid, an owl saying 鈥淧eace鈥, and the burnt-in initials of one 鈥淩.C.鈥

Some incredible visual storytelling here. Someone鈥檚 drawn an owl saying 鈥淧eace!鈥, then someone else has come and vandalised it with a swastika, then someone else went and turned the swastika into something resembling the Windows logo. I don鈥檛 know where 鈥淩.C.鈥 comes into this, but if they were the last fellow, i salute them. Truly, one of the heroes of our time.

(I was somewhat tempted to scribble over it myself and turn it into Loss.jpg鈥)

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