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Smells tier list

S Lavender, cinnamon, freshly-mown grass
A Vanilla, old books, new books, 鈥渢he outdoors鈥
B Garlic, new cars, citrus, crackling firewood, manure*
C Glue, bleach, paint, coffee, one鈥檚 own body odour
D Manure*, wet dogs, other people鈥檚 body odour, cannabis, exhaust fumes
F Cigarette smoke1, rotten eggs, cat piss, human waste

* Manure is in a curious superposition where it could probably occupy every tier at once. On one hand, it smells like shit (because it is), but after so long living in the country, i can鈥檛 help but find it refreshing to the senses. It鈥檚 the smell of having escaped the city 鈥 the smell of Demeter!

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