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Mx Tynehorne’s link roundup, volume XXVI

A collage of two film stills — in one, an astronaut exits a capsule illuminated by Neptune’s deep blue; in the other, a rover rides around the vivid crimson hills of Mars
If Neptune isn’t really that blue, can we at least put it in the club with Mars, where we just pretend it’s that bright because it looks cooler in movies? (Top: Ad Astra; bottom: The Martian)

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  1. PencilVoid says…
    10negm3n the United Kingdom

    The article on plagiarism is very thought-provoking. Generative AI algorithms entering the mainstream are forcing a lot of people to answer uncomfortable questions about the idea of "stealing" ideas. It's incredible how much hypocrisy gets put on display when we have computer programs that can automate what humans have been doing since the inception of art.

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