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Lords of Misrule

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鈥淚艒 Saturnalia!鈥 So went the cry that marked the start of the eponymous classical holiday. For one glorious week, Roman society was turned on its head: slaves became masters; togas were out and ostentatious displays of colour were in; gag gifts were given; and one lucky person was elected the local King of Saturnalia. Whatever orders the King barked had to be followed, no matter how ridiculous. This tradition clung on even into the Christian middle ages as the English 鈥渓ord of misrule鈥 鈥 a lone pagan vestige in a monotheistic world.

So, in the spirit of those winter holidays, to lighten up this frosty time of year, i thought it would be fun to let you play that rule for my website. Welcome, one and all, to the first annual Lords of Misrule!

If you write or put together something 鈥 absolutely anything 鈥 and email it to, come Saturnalia (that鈥檚 December 17 to 23, for those who understandably aren鈥檛 up to date with ancient festival customs) i鈥檒l put it up on the site, both on the blog and on its own dedicated, permanent subpage, etched in stone for all to see.

I would ask that you don鈥檛 submit any political polemics (we鈥檝e had quite enough of those) or anything that would get me in legal trouble, but apart from that, anything goes. Your gran鈥檚 chocolate cake recipe? An impassioned defence of Freddy Got Fingered as an ironic masterpiece? A rant about how keyboards aren鈥檛 what they used to be? Whatever you 鈥 my lords of misrule 鈥 want.

You can submit your entries from today until the 16th of December, 2021. Have fun, and don鈥檛 be afraid to get weird with it!

鈥 Marijn

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