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Thanks, Ms Bigot

I saw an awful transphobic sticker on my daily constitutional the other day. I shan鈥檛 bother repeating the exact contents, because the sad sack who made it really doesn鈥檛 need more exposure, but it was just the usual 鈥渂iological wombyn won鈥檛 wheesht!!!鈥 crap. Yi kna the type.

At first it got me down, as it probably would any sane person. But then i thought 鈥 Whoever made that sticker, their bigoted views are now so unpopular, so marginalised, that they鈥檝e had to resort to plastering stickers everywhere: the last resort of covid-conspiracy cranks, climate ostriches, football hooligans, and a number of others whose views are utterly unacceptable in polite company.

We might not be there yet as far as the law is concerned 鈥 lord knows people still have to jump through an ungodly number of hoops just to change a letter on their passport 鈥 but socially, it鈥檚 a good sign that the Inexorable March of Progress鈩 is continuing as planned.

Anyway. That鈥檚 how a nasty bigot made my day.

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