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Mx Tynehorne’s link roundup, volume XXVII

I started watching Star Trek: The Next Generation recently — starting at season three, of course, as i was repeatedly advised — and i’m positively kicking myself for not doing it earlier. This is bloody good television (except Wesley, but i imagine they give up and throw him out the airlock at some point), and only now do i realise how often i have stood on the shoulders of giants without even knowing it…

(Data’s the best character. Obviously. He’s literally me™.)


  1. Xanthe says…
    2w8373gz the United Kingdom

    Afterthought on the Star Trek pre-tangent: My favourite episode so far, albeit that i’m only ten in so far, has to be “The Survivors”, where the crew discover a planet made completely barren by war… except for one old couple. Great twist, and our Character Actor Of The Week does a fantastic job in his role, even if Troi is as useless as ever.

  2. Xanthe says…
    2w8373gz the United Kingdom

    Agh, scratch that second “so far”. The perils of writing blog comments at 11 in the evening!

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