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Mx Tynehorne’s link roundup, volume XXVII

I started watching Star Trek: The Next Generation recently — starting at season three, of course, as i was repeatedly advised — and i’m positively kicking myself for not doing it earlier. This is bloody good television (except Wesley, but i imagine they give up and throw him out the airlock at some point), and only now do i realise how often i have stood on the shoulders of giants without even knowing it…

(Data’s the best character. Obviously. He’s literally me™.)

Mx Tynehorne’s link roundup, volume XXVI

A collage of two film stills — in one, an astronaut exits a capsule illuminated by Neptune’s deep blue; in the other, a rover rides around the vivid crimson hills of Mars
If Neptune isn’t really that blue, can we at least put it in the club with Mars, where we just pretend it’s that bright because it looks cooler in movies? (Top: Ad Astra; bottom: The Martian)

Mx Tynehorne’s link roundup, volume XXV

Mx Tynehorne’s link roundup, volume XXIV

A decorative frontispiece for a Victorian book of “curvilinear” designs


Welcome back, ladies and gentlefolk! I’ve been trapped labouring in a Colombian salt mine for the past four months, but after a daring escape which my lawyers have advised me not to speak of, i’ve returned to safety to provide you all with yet more content®™.

Some links i’ve had sitting around gathering mothballs to start you off:

Mx Tynehorne’s link roundup, volume XXIII

Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3 was really good. Can you guys believe it was the last Marvel film they’ll ever make?

Mx Tynehorne’s link roundup, volume XXII: emergency edition

The burning library of Alexandria

I hate this sort of thing, you hate this sort of thing, let’s get it out of the way. In addition to capturing old web pages, the Internet Archive is also home to untold thousands of old videos, games, and books — each of the latter of which correspond to a real, physical book in their collections. They lend them out like a library, for only one person at a time… until the pandemic, when they made the perhaps ill-advised decision to lift the borrowing limits for that limited time. Publishing companies, who weren’t too happy with that, pushed the nuclear button, sued them over the entire idea of digital lending, and now a federal court’s decided against them. They’re planning to take the fight as high as they can go — and they could use your donation.

As i said, i hate to do this — you don’t need me to tell you about all the ways the world is fucked up — but i’m willing to make an allowance when it affects me in particular. So many pieces of internet history, even on this site, now only exist as digital ghosts in their machines (hell, i even had to replace one of the links here with an link after the author was suspended from Twitter). And i can’t count the number of musty out-of-print books that i would have never been able to access here from my comfy chair in England if it weren’t for the IA preserving them for a new generation.

So please — toss them a few bucks and protect our history.


Mx Tynehorne’s link roundup, volume XXI

Breaking Bad meme with Walter White screaming out of a car window, captioned (in all caps) “Nooo 1960s sound engineer don’t hard pan literally everything to one side except the vocals ahhhh in the future people will listen to music piped directly into their ears it will render the mixes unlistenable on headphones noooooo!”

Mx Tynehorne’s link roundup, volume XX

Mx Tynehorne’s link roundup, volume XIX

A slice of apple pie and ice cream in a bowl

I found out that Mark Toney’s1, in Newcastle, serves Dutch-style apple pie, and it immediately gave me flashbacks to my childhood like the critic in Ratatouille. I honestly started crying. Delicious stuff. …Sorry, what’s that?

Apologies for the interruption; my legal team have informed me that i have to actually put links in my link roundups. Who knew‽

Mx Tynehorne’s link roundup, volume X(mas)VIII

A dirt path by a farm lightly covered in snow

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate, and good tidings to everyone else — my gift to you is one last sack full of links to send off the year. Mx Tynehorne’s Link Roundup®™ will return in 2023.

Mx Tynehorne’s link roundup, volume XVII

A grainy picture of the Pleiades
It turns out astrophotography is not very convenient or good-looking on a smartphone. Who knew?

P.S. Lords of Misrule starts tomorrow. Hope you enjoy everyone’s submissions — i know i did! :-)

Mx Tynehorne’s link roundup, volume XVI
I heard this lovely song on Radio 6 and was shocked to discover it only had about two thousand views on Youtube. Go get it up to three thousand, will you?
Bonus music, because i love you. (Platonically. As much as an author can love a hypothetical reader whose life she knows no deta— you know what i mean.)

Mx Tynehorne’s link roundup, volume XV

A parked lorry, late at night, bearing the name "Discordia" on its side.
Seen on the way back home from Manchester — why on earth would you call your logistics company “Discordia”? It’s like calling an airline “Icarus”. Just asking for trouble.

Mx Tynehorne’s link roundup, volume XIV

A bin with the front and binbag taken off
Fuckers took my bin. Can’t have shit in… erm… wherever the exit to this forest is?