The GardenDespatches from The Satyrs’ Forest


  1. Xanthe says…

    Update: I have now seen <i>Avatar 2</i>. I can confirm that the blue people are still hot.

  2. Slimy says…

    "First started with the oldest trick in the book, something I call 'Disney (TM) eyes.' James Cameron brought in a team of sympathy scientists from the University of ****** to help design the look of the Navi, and they did an outstanding job. First, big puppy-dog eyes are the classic look of a sympathetic character. Disney (TM) and everybody else figured this shit out years ago. …Next thing they did was mix in an animal element, which was represented in the nose and the 'lil cat ears. You see the downturned nose and the flat bridge, is- is similar to like a cat or a dog nose? And we all love them adorable creatures don't we. Let's look at some now! [Montage …Then lastly the scientists needed to sexualize the Navi for the love story, so they added some some big, luscious, very human looking lips. Look at them lips! Ain't they the kind you just want to put duct tape over-imeankiss. Kiss! Yes yes! That's what I meant to say kiss with a loving passion! Um yeah. What I meant. So the Navi, in addition to being like a perfect sexual fantasy creature for NERDS, ends up being like a flawlessly designed creature to work for all necessary elements of this movie. …So ask yourselves, how would all this have played out, if the Navi just happened to look like Trek Voyager Bomar? laughter Or like this Treck TNG Antedians? align gurgling in background laughter becomes louder Oh God! What are they wearing?! Or what if the Navi just happened to be Garbage Pail Kids? Y'know, maybe wearing loincloths. heard in background"

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